21 — Precious One!

For the one who struggles to make every dream come true

Hisyam Asadullah
4 min readMay 20, 2022
Source : Personal documentation.

You are now 21 years old. Not much has changed. You still don’t know much, you still can’t do much. It’s okay, life is always a process. There are many new things to learn every day.

No need to worry. Sometimes you feel scared when you are left far from your friends. Fear is normal, no need to exaggerate. Often you are too greedy, wanting to be able to do this, to be able to do that. However, in the end you are only a human with limits.

There are time limits, energy limits, mind limits, and other limits that may not be crossed today. Maybe tomorrow or the day after you can just cross that limit. Stay cool. One thing that can tell the difference is gratitude.

Be grateful. Be grateful for every gift that has been given by Allah SWT. Be grateful because every breath that can still be done for free, maybe there are lots of people out there who pay dearly for every single breath.

Be grateful for the five senses that are still running as they should. Be grateful for the sight, hearing, feeling that still gives a signal that God’s power is so great. Don’t abuse or waste it.

Always remember, even though sometimes you are negligent, keep that advice in mind. Perhaps there are many out there who are struggling to restore vision that is no longer the same. Be grateful.

The journey of 21 years has taught me so many lessons. Many. I realized that people come and go. Even your family will leave. And you have to be ready for that day.

There are people who go and there are people who come. Some people come and never leave again. There are also people who leave and never come back. Sometimes you forget, maybe you are not a home to stay, maybe you are a port to stop by for them.

Thank you to all of you who have come and go. It’s a pleasure to welcome you here. There is no feeling of resentment that arises when you leave. Everything continues as usual. People come and go in our lives because maybe that’s when they get together.

Have you ever been at the highest point? Once. Very sweet. Everyone admires you so much. Everyone says your name with a good name. What you do always gives meaning to all.

Have you ever been at your lowest point? Once. So bitter. Everyone hates you. Your presence is not wanted. People don’t even want to say your name.

That’s life. Life is like a spinning wheel. Sometimes you are at the top, sometimes you are at the bottom. Everything goes naturally. Believe me, every time above and below there will be lessons to be learned. Just enjoy it.

After 21 years, what will you do? Who knows. Many plans have been drawn up. There are lots of places to visit. There are so many lines of destiny to be reached. But I realized, God’s plan is the best plan.

You have been in a position when the plan you have drawn up is in accordance with God’s destiny. All went well and smoothly. Until one day, you find that expectations don’t always match reality.

You find that your life isn’t going according to plan. Then, recklessly, you are angry with God’s destiny. “Why should it be this way?” you ask. Then, the wisdom slowly unfolds.

It turns out that God has replaced every plan that you have made with something better. Unexpectedly that what you get is much bigger than what you expected. You were embarrassed because you had to be angry at that time. Turns out this is the way. There are many lessons that you can get after going through it.

For the name that I always call in my prayer, thank you for being present in my life. Maybe one day we’ll be together, maybe not. It will always be nice to remember every phase we have been through. Whatever the end, I will return it to God.

If it’s not together, I hope we don’t hate. Remember with beautiful memories that life goes not only by our decisions, but by the will of the Almighty. Thank you for all the memories and memories that have been inscribed. May you always be happy, today, tomorrow, the day after.

To all my friends, if you’re reading this, please tell me. It will mean a lot to me, that someone has read my writing, even though this writing is not distributed anywhere.

Last, but not least, thank you for sticking around so far. Happy 21 — Precious One!